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Why Pies Work For Upmarket & Casual Events Alike

Nothing makes an impression – good or bad – quite like the food you serve. So if you’re hosting an event, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is the grub you offer your guests!

In most cases, the type of food you provide will reflect your event. For instance, if you’re throwing an upmarket gathering then guests might expect some fancy fair, while on the flip side, you’d be more likely to find simple, uncomplicated food at a casual, low-key event.

Having said that, there are some types of versatile food that are perfect, regardless of the occasion. One of them is pie and mash, and in this post we’ll explain why.

What Makes Pie And Mash So Great?

The history of pie and mash can be traced back to the 19th century, where it was a staple for the working-class population in London. Today, it's not just a dish, it's a cultural institution that’s steeped in history. 

Originally a simple, affordable meal for Londoners, it usually consists of a meat pie, mashed potatoes and a distinctive parsley liquor sauce. Over the years, pie and mash shops became a staple in London, serving generations of locals. 

Today, while many traditional pie and mash shops remain, this classic dish has also found a place in modern food scenes, adapting to contemporary tastes and still offering a hearty, comforting experience while retaining its historical charm.

The succulent blend of flaky pastry, well-seasoned meat fillings and silky smooth mashed potatoes drenched in a parsley liquor or gravy creates a festival of flavours that transcends time.

Beyond its scrumptious taste, pie and mash boasts nutritional benefits. The combination of protein-packed meat, starchy potatoes and nourishing sauces provides a balanced and energising meal. So as well as being a comfort food that satisfies the palate, it also fuels the body, making it a wholesome choice for any occasion.

Why Pie And Mash Suits Any Event

There are various reasons why pie and mash makes a great fit, regardless of the occasion. These include the following:

Everyone Loves It

First and foremost, if you’re looking for something that everyone will enjoy then pie and mash hits the mark! The timeless allure of pie and mash transcends culinary boundaries, making it an ultimate crowd-pleaser for any event.

So regardless of the occasion, the universal charm of pie and mash means it’s likely to go down a treat with your guests.


In the bustling era of food trucks and street food sensations, pie and mash is a traditional yet trendy option, evoking the simplicity and authenticity of traditional cuisine.

Its humble origins become a powerful asset, making pie and mash an ideal choice for events looking for a trendy edge while still looking to settle on a culinary choice that’s simple enough to appeal to most guests.

Diverse Options

The true beauty of pie and mash lies in its versatility. Pies are a true culinary blank canvas that offer a plethora of options, with many different fillings and creative twists possible.

In the past, the only options were meat, but these days there are pies that cater for a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free.

Interactive Experience

Elevating the event experience, a pie and mash station provides not just a place to grab a bite to eat but also somewhere to mix and mingle with other guests. 

Guests can also customise their pies to create a communal and engaging atmosphere, providing a talking point and transforming the consumption of food into a shared experience.

Comfort Redefined

While some may associate pie and mash with casual, low-key events, as you can see, this culinary experience can redefine the notion of comfort food, while its rustic charm and quality ingredients transform a humble dish into a sophisticated dish.

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