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Top Ways To Treat Your Staff This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and showing gratitude to others, so even if your budget is tight, it is worth giving your workers a little something to demonstrate your appreciation.

Some companies give bonuses, others throw Christmas parties, but if you want other ideas on how to reward your staff for their hard work this year, read on.

Lunchtime feast

Office Christmas parties have become a staple fixture in the calendar over the years, but not everyone is a big fan of hitting the town with their co-workers or they might not have the spare time to attend during this incredibly busy season.

What’s more, it can cost businesses a small fortune for a venue, food and drinks if they are footing the bill themselves.

That is why booking a mobile catering company to come to the office during lunchtime could be the perfect solution.

It doesn’t involve staff giving up their valuable spare time and it doesn’t cost bosses an arm and a leg, but everyone still enjoys the treat, making them feel rewarded and putting them in a celebratory mood.

Book something alternative and fun like our black cabs for a special experience that staff will love. We even offer a Christmas menu throughout December, so colleagues can tuck into a traditional festive meal and get into the spirit of things.

Wellness gifts

Staff want to know that their emotional wellbeing is important to their managers, which is why giving gifts of wellness vouchers could be a good idea.

For instance, tokens for food subscription services, cooking courses, exercise classes, spa days or gym memberships will go down well. This shows the company cares for the employee, making it more likely they will remain there into the new year.


Christmas is an incredibly expensive time of the year, and many people struggle with the mounting costs of presents, food and drink. So, giving vouchers to well-known high street stores could be really appreciated.

They could use these to treat themselves or they could put them towards their Christmas expenses, so they don’t have to start January in a difficult financial position.


Something most workers would appreciate in the lead-up to Christmas is more flexible working conditions, such as flexitime or working from home.

If bosses could ease their working regulations during December, this would help parents attend nativity plays and carol services; younger workers travel home earlier to spend Christmas with their family; and staff working between Christmas and New Year to still enjoy festivities with their loved ones.

Whether you can offer flexible working arrangements will depend on the line of work, but it would be one of the most valued gifts of the season if you could.

Festive atmosphere

Show your appreciation for staff working hard in the weeks before December 25th, when there is a lot of temptation to be anywhere other than the office during the period, by creating a festive atmosphere in the workplace.

Put up decorations, play Christmas music, and make sure there are plenty of mince pies and chocolates to go around.

Workers might not be able to do their shopping, enjoy a gluhwein in a German market, or go ice-skating with their kids, but they will appreciate a decorated tree and a complementary piece of Yule log.

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