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Throwing A Party? Our Tips For Catering To All Your Guests

If you’re throwing a party or event, one of the most important considerations to make is always going to be the food you offer. After all, good food usually means happy guests, so coming up with something that pleases everyone is key.

However, in a world where people have vastly different tastes, allergies and dietary preferences, that’s often easier said than done. While some options may go down a storm with some guests, others might not be so keen.

To help to navigate this tricky landscape, we’ve put together this list of tips for devising the perfect menu for your party or event. After reading, you should have all the info you need to choose some tasty grub that’s suitable for all.

Reach Out To Guests

If you’re throwing a get-together and you know most of the guests, it’s always a good idea to reach out and ask whether they have any intolerances, dietary requirements or allergies. 

Doing this will keep you in the know and help make your event or party an inclusive occasion for all your guests. 

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to offering food for guests, it can be tempting to spend your budget on a massive buffet and hope for the best. But is there anything more tragic than a half-eaten buffet full of food nobody wanted to eat? We think not!

This is why it pays to opt for quality food instead. While your guests might not get a chance to come back for seconds, by choosing the right food, hopefully they won't need to.

Go For Pie And Mash!

Now we might be biased here, but hear us out! As we’ve touched on already, when you’re looking for the perfect culinary offerings for your party or event, it’s important to opt for something that’s delicious, inclusive and filling – three boxes that pie and mash well and truly ticks!

We all know pie and mash tastes amazing, and with numerous fillings and accompaniments, there’s bound to be something to suit all palates. Additionally, it’s also tremendously filling, so chances are your guests won’t be too fussed about coming back for seconds!

Thirdly, while traditional pie and mash recipes contain meat and gluten, two ingredients that are off the menu for a growing number of people these days, we now cater to all.

So whether it’s vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, you can cater to all your guests with our wholly inclusive pie and mash dishes.

Lighter Bites

As well as some pie and mash, you may want to consider something lighter too. Salads or finger foods will go down well with the guests who are counting the calories or would prefer something a little less substantial.

So those are our top tips for catering for your guests. By getting to know your guests’ needs and requirements, you should be able to provide some food to suit all. And with pie and mash catering for practically all, you don't have to look far!

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