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Need Gluten-Free Pies? We've Got You Covered

If you suffer from any food allergy or intolerance, you’ll know that navigating your way through meal timers can be a bit of a minefield to say the least!

Depending on the severity of your intolerance, life can be a real challenge that’s filled with trial and error, with each step requiring careful consideration to avoid the hidden pitfalls that can trigger uncomfortable and potentially even dangerous, life-threatening reactions. 

One of the most common food intolerances is gluten sensitivity, with at least one per cent of the British population affected by the condition. Thankfully, to cater for those with an intolerance to this plant protein, there are now more gluten-free options than ever – and that includes our traditional pie and mash!

Here we’ll be looking at gluten sensitivity and we’ll explain how our pie and mash is suitable for all, regardless of dietary preferences or food sensitivities.

What Is Gluten Intolerance?

Among the various food sensitivities that people are forced to grapple with, gluten sensitivity stands out as particularly challenging for many. 

Gluten is a protein that’s found in wheat, barley and rye, and this ingredient is particularly ubiquitous. In fact, you’ll find it lurking in a surprising array of foods from breads and pastas to sauces and even some beverages. 

Gluten sensitivity itself encompasses a spectrum of conditions, including wheat allergy, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and the more severe form, celiac disease. Thankfully, celiac disease only affects around one in six of those who have a gluten intolerance.

Those affected may experience a range of symptoms including digestive discomfort, bloating, headaches, fatigue and, in the case of celiac disease, damage to the small intestine with potentially serious nutritional consequences if gluten is not avoided.

Finding Gluten-Free Foods

In light of these challenges, finding foods that are both safe to eat and enjoyable can seem a daunting task. However, the quest for satisfying and safe alternatives has thankfully led to the rise in countless gluten-free cooking and baking options. So long gone are the days when those with a gluten intolerance were resigned to boring, mediocre culinary options!

This brings us to our delicious pie and mash, which are now available in gluten-free options. 

Traditional pie and mash holds a special place in London’s rich culinary history. Originating from the East End, this classic fare consists of a meat-filled or vegetable pie served alongside a generous helping of mashed potatoes and, often, a ladle of green liquor—a parsley sauce with a hint of vinegar. 

Made from pastry that’s created with the use of flour, once upon a time, indulging in pie and mash would cause havoc for those with a sensitivity to gluten. But thankfully, those days are well behind us. 

By using a variety of gluten-free flours — from almond and coconut to rice and buckwheat — we've reinvented the classic pie. These flours not only mimic the texture and taste of traditional wheat flour but also bring their own unique flavours and nutritional benefits to the table. 

Pie And Mash For Your Party Or Event

Have you got an event or party coming up? Then treat your guests to some heartwarming food by hiring our pie and mash catering service. And best of all, we offer options to suit all tastes, preferences and dietary requirements. 

If any of your guests have gluten intolerance, we serve pie and mash that eschews this hazardous ingredient, ensuring that this quintessential London comfort food can be enjoyed by all.

These gluten-free options are crafted with the same care and respect for tradition as their gluten-containing counterparts. This means you’re guaranteed the same flaky, golden pastry and rich, savoury fillings you’d expect from this classic dish.

By offering gluten-free pie and mash at events, we aim to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary dietary requirements, ensuring that the legacy of London's beloved dish is maintained, while making sure it’s accessible and enjoyable for all.

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